New Clients

Steps to Recovery:

Start with a brief phone/Zoom conversation to see if Becky's approach is a match for you… if yes, set up a formal one-hour Screening appointment. All appointments can be scheduled through, FaceTime or phone. 

Foundation Package – 4 One-Hour Sessions



In this hour long session, Becky will go over in detail with you definitions, concepts, tools, how she sees the problem, how she see the solution and what to expect when working together. This session gives you an in-depth view of her model to help you decide about working together. You will receive an outline by email prior to your individual session.


In this hour session, Becky takes a complete history… eating history, weight history, dieting history, health history, family history, therapy history, abuse history, trauma history.

Personal Menu Planning

In this hour session, Becky discusses the concept of moderate meals with moderate being a range, not a target. Additionally, she will begin to go over a pack of 7 handouts that have the initial reading and writing homework assignments as well as tools to use for stabilizing abstinence.

Relapse Prevention Planning

In this hour session, Becky will finish going over all the handouts and also help you design a comprehensive plan to identify, and survive, trigger people, trigger emotions, trigger environments, trigger situations and trigger foods. Together, we create plans for avoiding any triggers you can in the beginning of abstinence, and for the ones that can’t be avoided, a plan is designed to help you protect your recovery.

The Foundation Package sessions are scheduled as soon as possible, all in one week if possible.

Continuing support is done in half-hour sessions. Upon completing the initial Foundation Package, we start with 2 half-hour sessions a week offering support during the detoxing and stabilizing stage of abstinence from the eating addiction.

After a few months of abstinence, the sessions can be reduced to one half-hour a week. We begin to address the deeper work of recovery, where the focus will be on healing body image issues, breaking dependencies on the eating addiction and adopting new ways of living. Also, the option to join a virtual group becomes available.


$150 per hour / $75 per half-hour

At the end of the required Screening, if the client decides to continue, a Foundation Package can be purchased. When paid in advance, a 15% discount can be applied, bringing the fee for the Foundation Package to $510.00. We then attempt to schedule the additional Foundation sessions as quickly as possible.

After the Foundation Sessions are complete, you can take advantage of even bigger discounts by an advance purchase of individual sessions. A 20% discount can be utilized by purchasing a package of 5 half-hour sessions for $300.00 or a package of 10 half-hour sessions for $563.00 to reflect a 25% discount.

Participants often combine Becky's services with therapy, nutrition counseling, and participation in 12-Step programs.

Returning Clients

If the returning client is in relapse, we would go through the Screening handout again, repeat two sessions of the Foundation that covers update on their life, pack of 7 handouts to review and individual Menu Planning. We look at what foundation information needs to be reinforced for establishing stable abstinence and recovery. Together, we decide if, or when, placement in an ongoing group is appropriate. 

Since shame is an overwhelming and toxic emotion in relapsing, it’s critical that we begin to lift that energy and return the client to a safe, supportive environment.

If the returning client is abstinent, we discuss whether their recovery needs are for some individual sessions or a for membership in one of the ongoing groups.

Becky Jackson offers the most profound, most illuminating approach to addictive eating that I've ever seen. It's practical rather than theoretical. The problem is compulsive eating and Becky presents the solution. I've read so many books, had so much therapy, been on every diet. It is through Becky's work that I am learning that it is possible to live in the real world, with real food, real situations and still have stable abstinence and freedom from the pain of this devastating addiction...forever.

~ Wendy

Reasons to schedule Individual Sessions